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  • Model: stallman3D
  • Shipping Weight: 2100gr
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This printer is a clone of the Stallman,
the only difference it is the name.

This kit comes with no soldering needed if you choose all the no assembly required options.

If you select no options, you will get only the transparent acrilic 5mm frame laser cutted.

Vitamins option:

Smooth rods
Threaded rods
2x alluminium pulleys
2m GT2 belts
all the nuts bolts screw and washers needed for one Stallman
10x LM8UU bearings
Hobbed bolt
3x mechanical endstops
8x 608-ZZ bearings
4x spacers for printing bed (works for both heated and not heated bed)
2x springs for the extruder.

Printed parts option

All the plastic parts needed for the Stallman 3D printer.
All the nuts are already set in their right places for faster assembling.
The x carriage and the y belt holder fit a gt2 belt not a t2.5.
Just in case you do not have access to a 3D printer.

Motor option

Nema17 0.9 degrees for twice the resolutions of standards 1.8 degrees motors They come with 5 1m long 4 wires cables and heatshrink tube.

There is the no solder options that ships with the cables cutted at correct lenght already soldered to the motors.

Hotend option

You can choose between no hotend or the e3d lite 6 hotend either assembled or not assembled, here are the characteristic of the hotend:

Filament diamenter: 1.75mm
Printable material: PLA, ABS, Ninjaflex
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

Spanner for easy assemble or dissassemble included

We can also assemble and test it for you before shipping.

Electronics option

Ramps 1.4 is a solid and thrustworthy shield for the Arduino Mega. Support for dual extruder included, it works also with Arduino clones but we prefer to stick with the original Arduino that is produced in Italy respecting the enviroment.

The Ramps 1.4 ships with 5 stepsticks with heatsinks and LCD monitor with SD support for autonomus printing.

Power supply

12V 20A power supply. You probably already have a power cord at home, so you can save on that.

Heated bed option

The heated bed comes with 1 100k ohm thermistor, 1x 1.5m of black rated 19A cable, 1x 1.5m of red rated 19A cable, two wire cable for connecting the termistor to the board, heatshrink tube, 3mm thick glass. Kapton tape is used to secure the thermistor to the heated bed, not included.

You can choose the assembled option in this case you will have no soldering and you will need no kapton tape.

How long will it take to dispatch?

Kit Orders we aim to ship all kit orders within 3 business days.
Components Orders – We aim to ship all spares orders within 2 business days.

I will post a better picture in the future.

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